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Come Here

~ erotica ~

“Come here.”

I crept closer.

I wore the collar he requested. And the cuffs he loved. A long skirt that almost kissed the floor. A sheer blue shirt. And no bra.

He wore nothing.

Sitting on my couch, he stroked himself while never looking away from me. My nature drove my gaze down, with brief peaks at his full manhood, and occasionally licking my lips, hoping for his usual request.

When I was close enough, he slid a hand up my skirt along my leg. Caressed my calf. And ended at my ass which he gave a good squeeze.

“No panties. Good girl.”

His middle finger looped the piece of metal at the front on of my collar.

“Hike up your skirt.”

His single finger pulled me down onto him. I exhaled, moaning as I took all of him into me.

“You are wet. You liked seeing your Daddy on your couch, cock hard and stroking it for you.”

“Yes Daddy.”

He pulled my face close to his. Wouldn’t let me look away. Whispered his request.

“Well, now it’s your turn to stroke me, my good girl. Use your silky pussy to stroke your Daddy’s cock.”

“Yes Daddy,” I whispered back.

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