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Famished —

~ erotica ~ “It is a rare beauty that can keep her fairness whilst drenching her face in tears.” Angelica gasped, and grasped the letter she’d been reading to her chest, while turning to look at her intruder. “How long have you been standing there?” A wicked smile emerged on his face. Angelica folded the […]

Admiration Versus Adulation —

We humans are odd animals. One smile, one gesture towards us from someone we hold in high esteem sends our minds racing. I myself turned into a jumping giggling fool Wednesday night from a simple gesture, though thankfully I was joined by a friend in my exclamations. What level of Hell is it to not […]

Paciencia Y Fe —

I knew the title of this post before I ever attempted to see Hamilton again. It is a phrase that resonates so much with me as to warrant contemplation of it being imprinted on my flesh. Paciencia y fe: patience and faith. This go around I get to tell a story of triumph instead of a […]

On Fear And Not Settling —

I am so scared right now. Granted, I live a life full of fears, both big and small, but tonight especially those frights have set upon me. I suppose I’m writing this so I can get some sleep, or possibly just to say it out loud. Name the demon and it will lose its power, […]

Reprise —

After my bus ride home from New York, post-Hamilton heartache, I immediately rushed to see friends. We attended a local trivia night for the first time. I told them my story; I let go of some of my sads. Trivia was awesome. Because of our nerd-irific ways, we came in third place. This meant we […]

I Want (En Vino Veritas) —

  I’m drunk, so I decided to fill out the Fantasy section of my DO:Fusion profile. It was so good, I felt like sharing.   I want sex. Like good sex. Like I’m crying cause my body is shaky cause it was so good sex. I want making out and bodies close and breath hot […]