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Balling On A Budget

Recently I took in a double feature all by my lonesome, Zootopia and Batman Versus Superman, at a nearby discount movie theater. I used to call it the $3 movie theatre, but, since both my shows were after 6pm, both of my tickets were actually $4.50. No matter.

I bought both tickets at the same counter where I purchased my concessions. All told, I spent $25 on myself for about five hours of introverted bliss.

I started my evening with Zootopia at 6:20pm. I had liked the trailer and heard one or two reviews that praised it. I too must concur that it was worth your time.

The movie depicts inherent bias in multiple different ways, as well as analogies to racism, such that is relatable to both children and adults. Thankfully, it features multiple female characters and passes the Bechtel Test.

Of course, this is a fictional world where, in the end, problems are solved and our characters are left in a better place than where they started. If only it were always so in real life.

After a quick bathroom break and a flyby purchase of a small popcorn, I slid into my seat just in time for the beginning of Batman Versus Superman. I am so happy I only paid $4.50 for this movie.

One of my chief complaints about the flick is its need for more editing. Certain scenes I found to be superfluous and downright annoying. I understand their significance (giving insight into a character’s motivation and mental state), but I sat there in the theatre thinking ‘Better acting and better writing would have made this sequence unnecessary.’

Another problem I had with the movie was petty, but important. At a certain point, I got annoyed, so annoyed that I yelled at the screen. I don’t normally do that.

When I saw characters act in such childish ways, exercising their grievances, when I knew all they really needed was some therapy, it made me not care. At one point I thought about walking out of theatre, and I NEVER do that.

What kept me in my seat was a reveal that was teased in the trailers: Wonder Woman. By far, the battle scene with our three heroes, as well as teases for future Justice League movies, are what kept me from repurposing those hours. I was not disappointed by the parts of the movie least central to its plot.

The glass half full description I am willing to accept and trumpet is the movie’s purpose: this nearly three hour adventure sets the stage for other Justice League movies. We get to see Jason Mamoa for fifteen wonderful seconds in his lovely tattooed body and flowing hair underwater. We get to see Flash being Flash (only for a flash of a moment). We get to see Papa Pope trying to save his son who becomes a cyborg in the process. And we get to see our girl being gloriously badass, fighting and surviving, thriving in battle next to the bat and the demigod.

Yes, I’m glad I only paid $4.50 for it, but I can say Batman Versus Superman was worth my time for the chance to see what’s coming next in the land of comic book movies. Boy, is it going be a wild ride.

So, my double feature night was a success. I treated myself to non healthy food and time to do whatever the fuck I wanted to do. I highly recommend it, if you can.

If you don’t treat yourself right, who will?

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