the life and musings of a kinky slut


~a poem~

Let his kiss wash over you,
a tidal wave of lust and wanting.

Let his touch tempt away your torments.

Fall into the bliss of flesh on flesh.

Let his teeth sink into your skin,
marking you,

gifting your body with
bruises and dull aches.

Enjoy these constant reminders.

Let him slip into you,
again and again;
moan, groan.

Express your pleasure into his ear,
and forget how he dismissed you.

Forget his inability to love.

Forget his words, so easily spoken,
that sliced your heart into halves.

Hold back your tears,
except in ecstasy.

Push down your love, your hopes
of anything more than this moment.

His truth, shattering your girlish fantasies,
was a blessing.

Enjoy the play, and,
as for your dreams,

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