the life and musings of a kinky slut

Fusion Flashbacks

We fucked for three hours.
We broke a futon frame,
and kept going.

Slut achievement unlocked.


He thought I’d somehow be disappointed, never getting his cock hard with my mouth. Little did he know, sucking his softness while he used me as an ashtray was the highlight of my night.


Images constantly played on the backs of my eyelids. My head felt light, as if filled with helium, inducing giggles and glee.

He drove slow. I realized it had already hit him, too. We made it back to his place okay.

I talked A LOT, and was loud until he pointed it out. Then I whispered the rest of the night, except for when I screamed.

We had ridiculously high sex. And it was our first PIV fuck. So awesome.


His driving away was gut wrenching.
The 4am arrival text made it better, though.


The last night of camp always seems to elicit profound conversations. And, most of the time, I am the vessel people heave their emotions into.

This time, though, it was a two way release.


Oink’s porch is magical.


Had we kissed more than a peck on the cheek before our random drive by make out session?

Hmm, things to remedy later.


2am Sunday night is when shit gets real.
Bravo, friends.


I was a bitch.
Did he deserve it?
Do I care?


Scritches are the best.
And puppies are the cutest.


Are we geeks that are kinky or kinksters that are geeky? Either way, we all knew (most) of the words and sang/rapped/screamed until our throats were raw.

I love my people.

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