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Not Okay —

I recently had a conversation with a coworker that has been nagging me. Some background: I work for assholes. All of the companies I work for are owned by, and run by, cis het white men. Their styles vary, giving me different forms of sexism and misogyny to deal with. I take the bullshit in […]

nerdGirl Update —

I spent a couple hours working on secondary applications for medical school today. One of those included the medical school my Dad attended. And then I watched an episode of Madam Secretary where (spoiler alert) her father-in-law dies. This process of taking classes, studying, doing well, and now applying to med school has been, and […]

Go See Moana —

On Moana: 1) GO SEE IT 2) Bring tissues. I started crying from the beginning and pretty much didn’t stop until the end credits finished. It was… everything. ~ I’ve been taking Gender Studies 101 this semester. I love this class if for nothing else than it makes me see things differently. Granted, I’ve been […]