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1.10.17 The End Is Coming

~ a meandering string of thoughts ~

My eyes watered many times during President Obama’s speech tonight, moments where I allowed the emotions and gravitas of his words to break through. I soon clamped those feelings back down out of a sense of self preservation. That’s how my head works.

The next four years are not going to be easy. For the past eight years, there has been a president who worked to make the lives of myself, my friends, and my family better. Our soon-to-be leader does not share those goals.

I don’t let people see me cry, but typing this by myself in my room is proving difficult with swimmy vision.

I don’t know what to say. In this moment, I can only feel.
Anger, towards the people who voted for him.
Fear, for what he and his ilk will rain down upon us all.
Anxiety, in anticipation of what the world will make of his ranting and ravings.
Apathy, as I watch this travesty unfold.
Resolve, that I must continue to live my life, no matter the trials and heartache.
Determination, that even if I should falter, I will get back up and push forward.

For eight years, there was a man who looked like my Dad in the White House. I can only be thankful for that significant fact. I lived through the Obama presidency.

Now, it is time to tolerate tradition and move forward.
Resist. Loudly.


As he turned to his wife
and his daughter,
and his eyes sparkled
from tears,
I saw what I want
both in my life and for my country:
love, appreciation, respect, and devotion.
Instead, we get Donald.
The gut punch
of November 8th
is a dull ache
that lingers throughout each day.
It will take at least four years
before the pain goes away.

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