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1.15.17 My Fantasy Man

~ who I see when I’m cuming ~

I dreamed you up one day
to soothe my aching heart.
You are the man
who loves me,
charms me,
tames me,
and trains me.
You are the man
I want and need most.

I call you Daddy because
that’s what I want.
Protector, by my side,
though currently only in my mind.
Lover, the best I’ve ever had;
you know what I want
when I want it
even when I dare not admit it.

I imagine you most often
as the classic gay male leather Daddy.
You have their confidence,
their swagger,
yet you want me.
Lately, though, you’ve been in more dapper attire:
vest, pressed pants,
shined shoes, and a pocket watch.
The butler to my young mistress.

No matter how I envision you,
one thing stays the same.
The look in your eye:
knowing my secrets,
plotting devilish deeds,
caring for my needs,
craving me so,
but a hint of terror coloring all.

What will you dream up for me next?

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