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1.20.17 Faith

On Friday, they prayed. On Saturday, they will march. And on Sunday, there will be acts of service.

By a blessing of fortune, I ended up working on Inauguration Day setting up an event for a left leaning religious group. For about an hour or two, devoid of social media and people, I actually forgot what was happening a few miles away. And then I remembered. I was somber for most of the day, but thankful to have work as a distraction.

And then my mood changed.

The event began. As it progressed, their speakers gave prayers and words of comfort and hope. I felt blessed to witness their spirit and their coming together despite the decision our country made a few months ago.

On November 8th, 2008, I was filled with hope and awe.
On November 8th, 2016, fear and dread swallowed me whole.
Tonight, God (and some rather nice Jewish people) reminded me of a lesson I had forgotten. Faith is not static or perfect or rosy or cute. Faith is real and everlasting, even when you forget it. Faith is both a feeling and an action.

Keep the faith loves, and work for justice.

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