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1.21.17 March

From my bed, exhausted from a bit of a day, this is Poetic Desires.

An estimated 500,000 to 750,000 people participated in the Women’s March in downtown Washington D.C. today to protest the election of the now 45th president. Among the assembled were advocates for Black Lives Matter, feminism, reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ civil rights, undocumented immigrants’ rights, Native American water protectors, sex worker rights, climate change, and the environment. The crowd featured people from all over the United States. In other large cities around the country, parallel marches occurred. All told, about 2.5 million people in the United States exercised their first amendment right to protest against their new president.

My favorite parts of the march were twofold: experiencing the sea of humanity with my friends and marveling in the awesome signs other marchers created. Many stood out, including one of a rather large cat head, so big it was held up by two people.

Even though, at multiple points during the day, it felt like we were trapped amongst thousands of strangers, people were kind and cordial. Warnings about curbs approaching as we baby stepped towards open air were appreciated.

We never made it to Independence Ave. Many people didn’t. Instead there seemed to be about three or four different parallel lanes of marchers, with people going down Constitution Ave, Pennsylvania Ave, Jefferson & Madison streets and the Mall proper in between them.

After 20,000 steps and six hours with my people, today was a great day.

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