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1.22.17 Fangirling


(You have been warned.)

Today I randomly binged watched the first seven episodes of Sense8.

Holy shit!

First off, I have to thank my friends for warning me about the first few episodes. Nomi’s story line is dark and jarring and, for some, downright triggering. But, and this is a huge but, how she comes through it, and how she fares afterwards, are worth the heartache.

I love most of the female characters on the show, but I especially adore Sun and Priya. There is this well written and performed scene where Sun is going through emotional turmoil but Lito, an actor, is sensing her emotions. Sun is stone faced for much of the show, but to see the depth of emotion she holds at bay through the eyes of a flamboyant gay man is at once hilarious and touching.

In my humble opinion, Priya is obviously a virgin. Like, obviously. And it’s not in the feel-bad-for-her way or the religious-stranglehold way. It’s the I-just-want-to-wait-cause-I want-to way. Though there is this great line assuring her Auntie she knows about “what happens to a girl on her wedding night.” “Auntie, there is the internet.” “Yes, I knew it was good for something.”

Side Note: The chemistry between Priya and Wolfgang is incredibly hot, yet they still haven’t kissed. I’m hoping by the conclusion of season one there will be Wolfgang-Priya action. Also, she wasn’t a part of the orgy, which lends itself to my virgin assumption.

Speaking of Wolfgang, that dude is pimp. Not pimp in the sense of he peddles women for money. Pimp, as in how confident and chill he can be. During the orgy, how he just hangs out in the hot tub having mental group sex while other people freak out from having the best sex of their lives. And that ass. Thank you Netflix for featuring the naked German man multiple times, especially that early on fucking scene that displays his butt so perfectly.

I was supposed to go to bed hours ago, but I couldn’t stop watching. I’m sure I’ll end up finishing the rest of the season by week’s end.

Netflix, you’ve done did it again.

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