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1.6.17 Recounting

~ erotica ~

One (the Meanie) liked pain, both giving and receiving. His favorite part was the sounds. Screams or moans, it didn’t matter. He wanted to hear reactions. He liked it when I begged for his cane, then shrieked from his blows. I liked the black and blue mementos of our evenings.

Two (the Tongue) loved licking, all over me and all over him. He never wanted to fuck in the conventional sense. Oral was his sex, especially 69. He’d let me grind my pussy on his face while pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. Once he ate my pussy up a wall. He was a strong bull of a man. I miss his mustache against my clit.

Three (the Butler) never took off his clothes. He liked me in pencil skirts, no panties, and the tallest heels I could manage. His attire was pristine without exception. I suspected he liked more than just pretty girls. When we fucked, it consistently started the same. I crawled to him on my hands and knees, then unzipped his pants. By the time we finished, his brow dripped sweat but no garment was out of place. I was always naked, and we both were exhausted. He was my favorite.

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