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1.9.17 Spelling Out Goodbye

~ a poem ~

All I ask
Before you leave,
Calling it quits on us,
Divorcing our lives
Ever after, is please
Forgive me.
Grant me peace.
Help me to move on from you
In a way that will matter, that will last.
Just the words will do,
Kindness shown in this moment, a
Last gesture of love.
Mind you, I won’t believe you
No matter what you say.
Only say it anyway.
Perhaps, in time-
Quite a bit of time- I’ll
Remember your words,
See them, feel them, believe them,
Take them into my heart
Undoing the hurt we caused each other,
Vanishing the darkness
Weighing down on me. I’ll
Xerox a picture of a rose
Yellow, for joy and cheer, and hang it on my wall
Zeroing out the emotional debt owed between us.

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