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The Rules

So, what’s allowed?
Is anything allowed?

Us, this close?
The smell of your colon
And the sound of your breath
Clouding my senses. 

Your legs brushing against mine
Too many times for it to be accidental.
Is that allowed?

Can you caress my hair?
Grip it at the root, 
Pull me in close.

What about head?
Am I allowed to taste you again
My lips gliding down your shaft
The soft cry when your cock goes too far
Will we never have that again?

What if my hand slides over your thigh
Between your legs
And begins to massage your cock.
Are you going to stop me?

What if I lift my skirt
Showing you I’m not wearing any underwear.
Can you, will you resist?

How about anal?
Pounding into me
As I whimper my pleasure.

Is anything allowed?
Is nothing allowed?

What are the rules now?
Because you want me.
And I want you.

And us lying about this moment
Making any kind of difference for our futures
Is Puritanical, short sighted,
And a waste of amazing fucking.

5.26.2019 The Rules

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