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Almost Goodbye

I saw BrainTwin in the library randomly.

My Surgery rotation midterm was today. I passed it. It was ugly, but I passed it. I wanted to get some more studying in afterwards, so I headed to the library. I ended up in the middle of a crowd of happy fourth years, smiling and taking photos. The M4s submitted their rank lists today. In one month, it’s their Match Day.

BrainTwin saw me and intercepted me before I slipped through the joyful gathering. He hugged me, a huge smile on his face. We chatted. I asked about his number one. I’m sure he’ll get it.

I’m so happy for him. And proud of him. And grateful that he’s been there for me in my times of struggle.

But I know this means he’s almost gone. His life gets to continue away from here. Away from me.

I know we’re just friends. His girlfriend is gorgeous and will probably be there during Match Day.

But I care about him. And I’m going to miss him. Shit, it’s almost time for me to say goodbye to him.

I told him straight up that I will be there on Match Day and I will hug him in congratulations.

BrainTwin, will I ever find anyone else like you?

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