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This Is A Boring Post —

I am so grateful to not have a roommate right now.  Yes, I miss human contact almost every moment of every day of this current health emergency, but both the individuals that I have lived with in my two previous years of medical school would have driven me up the fucking wall by now. As […]

3.23.2020 That Good —

~ a Daveed Diggs drabble ~ I returned home from yet another twelve hours shift, feet aching, and ended up nearly collapsing at his feet on the floor as he sat on our couch. “Rough day,” Daveed asked. “Two deliveries, plus an emergency C-section. Very. Busy.” I leaned my head against his knees, eyes closed, […]

3.22.2020 The World Turned Upside Down —

What a difference a month makes. I’ve been (mostly) by myself in my apartment since I got back from an away rotation out-of-state at a large medical center.  The only time I’ve been around people in this past week was on three specific occasions. Once, a friend brought me candy.  She went for a quick […]