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3.23.2020 That Good

~ a Daveed Diggs drabble ~

I returned home from yet another twelve hours shift, feet aching, and ended up nearly collapsing at his feet on the floor as he sat on our couch.

“Rough day,” Daveed asked.

“Two deliveries, plus an emergency C-section. Very. Busy.”

I leaned my head against his knees, eyes closed, and wiggled my way into between his legs.

A gentle tug, and then I felt my curls falling across my shoulders and he removed my hair clip.

“How can something so small hold so much hair?” he mused.

His fingers sunk into my strands, then kneaded my scalp.  I sighed.

“My wife, the super doctor.”

His hand traveled down, working out the tense muscles in my neck.

“And my husband, always knowing what I need.”

I leaned my head back, and patiently waited, knowing I would soon feel the soft touch of his lips.  With that familiar caress also came the raking of his fingernails across my chest.  I gasped into his mouth.

His kiss traveled across my cheek, landing at my ear where he nibbled playfully.  I giggled.

He scooped me up off the floor in those powerful arms of his.  My face nestled into his neck, taking in his scent.  He carried me to our bedroom where he helped me unwind from a long day’s work.

Tonight, he was the only medicine that I needed.

3.23.2020 That Good

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