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Aadhar Card Agreement

The rental agreement is part of a large list of 44 proof of address documents accepted by UIDAI. Others include passports, bank books or bank account extracts, voter ID cards, driver`s licenses, telephone, water, electricity bills, etc. 2) Make sure the rental agreement is in your name and not in the name of your spouse, parent or child. If you plan to change your Aadhaar card address by visiting a permanent registration center or Aadhaar Seva Kendras, you must bring the original copy of your rental agreement. You also do not need to bring photocopies, as the official scans the original document and returns it to you. – The rental agreement is acceptable only with the sub-registrar Stempel Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has suggested what to do if you use the rental contract for the address update in Aadhaar. UIDAI in a tweet offered to update the address in Aadhaar`s map with the rental contract. NEW DELHI: As the Aadhaar card can be used as a proof of identity document, it is important to keep your current address up to date in the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) files. The Aadhaar issue allows you to update your home address by providing valid proof of residence online and offline. 1) The lease must be registered. UIDAI refuses all unregistered leases. The procedure for using an Aadhaar card is the same for non-resident Indians. To apply for an Aadhaar card, the non-resident Indian can visit the UIDAI website and search for a uiDAI-approved registration centre near his or her residence.

After selecting the registration centre, the NRI can contact the Aadhaar Authorized Registration Centre directly and carry proof of identity and other necessary documents. Once all documents have been filed, the person is asked to provide the biometric information. Indians who wish to apply for Aadhaar must have certain basic documents when visiting the registration centre. The following documents are accepted by UIDAI for this purpose: The Aadhaar card can be used for children, including newborns. To apply for one, the parent or legal guardian must take the child to the nearest Aad hair centre. The Aadhaar number of the parent or legal guardian must be accompanied by the child`s birth certificate. Biometric collection is only carried out when the child is five years old. The child`s aad hair is connected to the aad hair of the parents. Yes, the Aadhaar card can be used as proof of address throughout the country. What documents are accepted as proof of address and identity? The following documents are accepted as proof of address: There are three things to consider when contacting UIDAI online or offline to change your Aadhaar card address.

If you already have an Aadhar card and want to change your place of residence or make corrections, you can submit one of the following documents: On the Aadhaar Self Service Update, you can easily update your address online by specifying one of the documents that IAIDS treats as a valid form of proof of address. A valid proof of address is your rental agreement. Updated Aadhaar card address with rental agreement: – A registered rental agreement is a notarized contract that is usually entered into for 11 months, #AadhaarUpdateChecklistIf you use the rental contract for the Update address in Aadhaar, use a registered rental agreement that has your name. For the online address update, scan the entire document and create a unique pdf file to download. pic.twitter.com/9mHZI2Zrrl 3) If you visit the UIDAI self-service portal to make the change, you must scan all pages of the lease and create a single PDF file before downloading it. If you download multiple jpg or jpg scanned images from the rental agreement, UIDAI may refuse them. . Documents that prove proof of identity confirm that you are the being you claim to be.

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