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Pathways Forward Agreement

The agreement is the result of work between the seven nations and the state government since 2014 and commits to bringing the federal government into the ongoing negotiations. Priorities for further negotiation of a long-term agreement include land, forest ownership and the implementation of rights and titles. To download the full text of the agreement, click on this link. Today, Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations, Chief Liliane Squinas, Chief Clifford Lebrun and Chief Stuart Alec of the Southern Dakelh Nation Alliance signed a Pathways Agreement that commits the two sides to move forward together to promote lasting reconciliation and make real progress on the issues most important to the National Alliance. “The Pathways Forward Agreement is a step in the right direction in the implementation of UNDRIP. This is a step forward in the darkness of the ugly history of the relationship we have had with governments. It is a step forward in restoring our rightful place in society as strong, living people in the power of our undecided and undeased countries. This is a step towards true reconciliation. The work doesn`t stop there – the lifting and hard work begins now. We will continue to work for security for all governments; We will continue to work towards strong regional economic stability. It is not only an asset to First Nations, it is an asset to the industry, B.C. and to all Canadians. This agreement, together with future agreements, will be based on respect, unity, transparency and accountability for all, bearing in mind the economy, culture, responsibility and governance.

“Our government is committed to developing resources in the right way to create jobs and opportunities, benefit local communities and promote reconciliation with indigenous peoples. Mining and energy projects are key to B.C economic growth and this historic agreement will provide significant new investments to support economic development throughout the region. “On behalf of the Village of Fraser Lake, we congratulate Carrier Sekani and the seven municipalities on the conclusion of this agreement. We welcome the economic, social and reconciliation opportunities that will arise during this agreement. What happens in one community has an impact on the other, supporting and working together with our neighbours and friends will really contribute to the strength and sustainability of our region and our province.┬áSeven Carrier Sekani First Nations has signed an agreement, supporters say they are on the road to self-management and has a revenue-sharing structure worth $175 million over the five-year term of the agreement.

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