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Rsu 23 Collective Bargaining Agreement

“There is no doubt that keeping our schools open costs money. I will be open and support all changes as soon as they come. I am sure there will be some difficult changes and decisions, but I will work to keep the OOB schools open.¬†She is impressed by the reopening of OOB schools. Flaherty is retired after 34 years as a teacher and administrator in Saco Schools, has a master`s degree in school administration and has been a member of the RSU 23 School Board for six years. He is a volunteer with the OOB Historical Society, president of the MSPS Scholarship Foundation, which awards scholarships to seniors at OOB High School and enjoys the Power Walk. Flaherty is married and has two adult sons. “I would very much like us to be able to secure the funds and build a new school,” he said. In the race are incumbents Peter Flaherty and Christopher LaSalle, as well as challengers Donna Moutsatsos and Samantha Sauls. “We don`t know what the challenges will be during COVID and in the pursuit of the movement,” she said.

I will face every day and every challenge with an open mind, always supporting students and staff. I`m going to stay up to date and make sure everyone`s safe every day. She said she understood her goals, kept everyone safe, kept an open mind, stayed informed and stayed connected to the community. “It is important that we work together towards this goal while striving not to weigh heavily on our city and its taxpayers,” she said. Sauls said the school budget “will be a front-line and central challenge while making progress” in the wake of coronavirus. “I am ready to work together to use creative means to run our schools,” she said. His primary goal as a member of the school board is to be a strong supporter of students, staff and schools in the community. Moutsatsos served as chair of the OOB School Board for two of the seven years she served and served on the construction committee and others. “It was an ongoing challenge for our city,” she said. “As a member of the board of directors, I would like to make this happen.

If elected, I would also like to work to help RSU 23 obtain grants to better meet the financial needs of our school system and eliminate some of the burden on taxpayers. Candidates talk about their goals, budgets and COVID-19. With regard to compensating for necessary services and an appropriate property tax rate, she believes that it is possible to provide children with a quality education and experience while they are fiscally responsible.

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