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Archive for June, 2021

TK —

TK was super cute and super nerdy. He just left. My nipples are sore. I am smiling. TK was a Tinder date. He has four cats at home, therefore I will NEVER go to his house. I invited him over to my place with the caveat that we weren’t going to have sex. Cuddles? Sure. […]

Dre —

Dating Apps Lesson #1: Men lie on their profiles. Dre was short. This man had the gall to list himself as 5’9” when I was taller than him. And no, I was not in heals. Dre was moderately attractive, solid 7/10. He was short and skinny and fit, and if I were three inches shorter […]

Home —

I’m back home. Well, in a new home, but I’m back in my old stomping grounds all the same. Matching into a residency where my family and friends are minutes, not hours, away is giving me hope that I can make it through my training with some modicum of sanity left. Residency is hard no […]