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Eurasian Investment Agreement

After completing a feasibility study for a free trade agreement (FTA) for Vietnam in November 2012,[158] the then Customs Union, now the EAWU, decided to continue negotiations. Negotiations on the free trade agreement began in early 2013 and lasted about two years – on May 29, 2015, the agreement was signed by the prime ministers of all parties, who then had to be ratified by the parties. Trade between Vietnam and the Customs Union amounted to $2.24 billion in 2011. [159] Kazakhstan is working to strengthen its relations with Turkey, an important player in the region. In July 2014, Turkey announced closer economic relations with EMU, including a possible free trade agreement in the near future. [208] Tensions with the European Union in 2014 exacerbated both unions in order to pressure printed post-Soviet states to join their integration unions. Both sides accused each other of sculpting spheres of influence. [190] [191] Members of the Union, in particular Russia, have attempted to diversify their trade by signing economic agreements with China,[192] Iran[193] and Turkey. [194] Trade with North and South Korea has also increased. [195] [196] [197] In 2007, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia signed an agreement establishing a customs union between the three countries. [25] Neighboring Kazakhstan reiterated its attempt to access East Asian markets.

In September 2013, the Chinese and Kazakh presidents signed trade agreements and launched China`s New Silk Road. On May 20, 2014, the two presidents announced that they would connect Kazakhstan`s railways to the Pacific Ocean by opening a new terminal in the Chinese port city of Lianyungang. China has also signed agreements on continued investment in Kazakhstan`s energy sector. The two countries announced that they would release $US 1 billion for the modernization of an oil refinery in Schymkent and an additional $150 million for the opening of a new oil and gas plant near Almaty. The President of Kazakhstan also held talks with leaders of Chinese groups and agreed to cooperate in the fields of aircraft production, telecommunications and mining. [Review 10] Thailand, Iran, New Zealand, Tunisia,[229] Turkey and Vietnam are among the countries that, after the signing of the treaty, expressed the wish to conclude trade agreements with the new Eurasian Economic Union. [230] In 2018, the Faroe Islands signed a new Memorandum of Understanding with the EU. The bill aims to promote trade and cooperation between the two sides.

[231] The Eurasian Economic Union must negotiate as a whole to sign free trade agreements with other countries. The main players in the Eurasian Economic Union are the European Union, Turkey, Iran, China and the Korean Peninsula. EAWU has attempted to expand its trade with its partners in the Middle East and East Asia in order to take advantage of the growth in trade between Europe and Asia. The EU has signed a first free trade agreement [155] with Vietnam, which will enter into force after ratification by all parties in October 2016. [156] [157] Several international agreements have been signed – the Convention on the Characteristics of Activities in the Field of Precious Metals and Stones under EMU, the Convention on Measures to Unify Breeding and Rearing Work with Farmed Animals in the Union. . . .

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