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Experience Level Agreement Metrics

I`ll end with a story about how a service provider used SysTrack to define XLAs and bring greater value to their customer. Before providing SysTrack, the vendor had only limited insight into the issues of the entire customer environment and the quality of the user experience it provided. Within a few weeks of implementation, they discovered many underlying issues that they were able to diagnose and resolve within a few months. These issues included slow sign-in processes and group policies, sub-optimal Windows 10 computers that haven`t been updated with SSDs, and persistent latency issues caused by misassed drives. The vendor used SysTrack`s EUX score to configure xlA for its client. At the same time, work styles and employee expectations for the performance of employment technologies are increasing, as personal devices and apps become increasingly sophisticated and digitally sent generations make up a larger percentage of the workforce. .

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