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Intimacy Agreement

Start with the letter: “This contract is entered into by and between (YOUR NAME) and (YOUR PARTNER`S NAME). The term of this Agreement shall commence from the commencement date and shall apply until the end date of the period. I would like us to agree on how to negotiate these disputes and conclude agreements that we both think will work. We must be authentic with each other, as we distribute our time, energy, love, money, social connections, physical contact, spiritual dedication, and all other interests that might rival our mutual commitment. If you find that you are violating certain parts of your relationship contract, remember that particular agreement affectionately, and then do your best to continue to abide by it from that point. All couples have their own unique agreements, but there are some that seem universal in most of the enduring relationships I`ve experienced for over forty years of career. It is important to let your partner know that they are loved and appreciated. Some ways to support intimacy are as follows: if couples stick to these twelve agreements, they make sure that they are loving and related friends and that they are also fully engaged partners. If they know that each of them feels and acts within these mutually agreed vows, they will automatically be the type of attachment that can overcome most of the challenges in their relationship. – Being confronted with disagreements when they appear / never going to bed angry / being cleansed and honest about each other`s emotional reactions Both parties agree to view intimacy as an exploration. Both sides agree that orgasm is not the target of sexual encounters. None of the parties should be forced to give or receive orgasms.

Exploration must be defined as a deepening of souls. Not just sexual activities. Both parties agree to invest efforts in this exploration, as they know that new definitions are being developed. If one party does not wish to make love at any time, even if the other party has been excited, the election of the party is not reproached to him. . . .

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