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What Happened to the F in the Acronym?

When I first griped his dick, I knew the sex would be good. His dick looked average when he sent me short videos of him jacking off over Instagram. Still, he drove nearly an hour and a half just to come see me. I was going to fuck him, no matter how tired I was from work.

I fucked that man on a work night. It lasted fifteen minutes. It was good, but would’ve been better if it lasted longer.

He was very focused on me for the week leading up to him coming over. He sent me Instagram messages everyday. He wanted to mutually masturbate via DM. I wanted to get to know him. There was a playful push and pull.

And so, on a Wednesday, when this man said he wanted to come to my place to rub my scalp, and was okay with me kicking him out before I had to go to work at stupid o’clock in the morning, I sent him my address.

I showered before and met him at the door in my lobby in just a hoodie, some short shorts, and my slippers.

TQ was tall. And thick. Built like a football player. I liked that.

We chatted on my couch for a bit before I unzipped my hoodie, revealing I was not wearing anything under it.

“Are you okay with me being topless?”

“Sure but know I will look at your titties.”

I took off my hoodie. He kissed me, my neck, sucked on my nipples.

“Okay, come on.”

I led him to my bedroom. He got undressed quickly and pulled out a short strip of condoms.

He kissed me, encouraged me up onto my bed. As I laid back, he kissed me and fingered me and I reached over to play with his cock. This boy was thick. A slight surge of pleasure slipped through me knowing that cock was going to be inside me.

TQ was almost excellent. Don’t get me wrong, the sex was good, but TQ was thick but quick. We fucked for maybe fifteen minutes. He liked going deep, finishing his stroke pattern with a thrust that seemed like he was trying to hurt me which could’ve been great but eh… How do I put this? One trick ponies have one trick. I’m varsity and he’s JV. I wanted the pump fake crossover ankle break spin move bank off the backboard game winner kid of play, but he just gave me free throws and one or two 3’s from the top of the key.

He finished by painting my ass with his cum. I asked him if he would finger me and suck on my nipples while I rode my vibrator. He did and I came hard, screaming how much I loved having his thick dick inside me.

And then he didn’t stay. 

I used the restroom and by the time I was done he was already putting his clothes on. At the time I was appreciative because, deep down I knew if he had stayed we probably would’ve fucked again randomly in the middle of the night when I should’ve been sleeping before work. Now though…

He left. I striped the bed, took a shower, and went to sleep.

Next day, radio silence.

Friday, quiet as well.

Of fucking course.

We limped along, DMing off and on for two more weeks. On the first night of my vacation, I messaged him saying he should come visit me again.

“Hey, I’m sorry but I want to be honest with you. I just started seeing someone else seriously.”

“Understandable; good luck with your new relationship.”

As quick as TQ and I started, we were done.

Part of me wonders what would’ve happened if I hadn’t invited him over that night. Part of me wonders if I’ll ever get to actually date anyone. This shit is confusing and kinda hurtful.

I’m tired of being pumped and dumped. 

Part of being an FWB is being a fucking friend. But so many dicks tend to forget that first part of the acronym.

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