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Bus Stop Guy

~ A conversation with myself while driving in the car ~

Who takes the bus on Christmas?

Actually, you don’t know if he was waiting for the bus. He could’ve just been sitting on that bench, needing a time out from his family, or his partner. Or just some air.

You don’t know why he was there. You just know he was staring at you.

Although, can 20 seconds be considered staring?

The length of time for you to pause at the stop sign, see him seeing you, look right, look left, look straight ahead, see him still looking at you, and then turn.

He was fine. That’s probably the biggest reason why you’re still thinking about him.

Too fine, actually. Liked he stepped out of a BET holiday movie.

That’s why you thought about doing something ridiculous – like offering a stranger a ride on a national holiday even though you were already running late or yelling out your car window asking him if he was single and liked women. That’s why you are even writing this 10 minutes later while driving in your car using voice to text because it is still nagging at your brain.

That man was FINE fine. Was that a missed meet cute? Or just a fluke?

Bitch, you are thirsty.

I do look cute today, though.

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