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[Side note: Yes, I could have posted something meaningful and thoughtful today, but I did not have the spoons to do so. Instead, please enjoy this random sexy thought that popped into my brain before bed. I will (maybe) be more thoughtful next time.]

~ erotica ~

She raced home after work, thrust the front door open, dropped her things, and immediately went to the study.

When she saw him in his usual corner, sitting and reading with his glasses a third of the way down his nose, she rushed to him, dropped to her knees, and laid her head in his lap.

“Yes, my little one. Rough day at work?”

“Not rough, per se. Just long. Knowing you go on vacation as soon as you’re done with the day makes the day SO MUCH longer.”

“It’s okay, my sweet. Your day is done. Let all of that go. You’re here, now, with me. What is the first thing you want to do for your vacation?”

“You mean besides sitting here with you doing that for an hour?”

He began stroking her hair, and never stopped, from the moment her head dropped into his welcoming lap.

“Yes, besides your head scritches, what else do you want to do this evening?”

“Can we do something… while naked?”

“Naughty already. I can see what kind of week this will be.”

“When I asked what you wanted from the week, you said beach and sand and comfort. Why wouldn’t I want to be naked the entire time. I would think you’d want me that way, in fact.”

“Ok my little firecracker. Yes, we can be naked. What else?”

He gripped her hair, eliciting a sigh he so loved hearing.

“Can we be naked in bed while you do this for a bit?”

“So simplistic. Yet I think you know we will not be just giving and receiving pets for long.”

“I’m counting on it.”

She brushed the palm of her hand across his trousered lap. He was already hard.

“Are we going to be naughty or nice this evening?”

“Why must I chose?”

His fingers sunk into her scalp, clenched, and brought her face to his.

“Which would you like to start with, then?”

Her eyes were half sleepy as she took in the pleasure and pain of the moment.

“I think you know which.”

His teeth sunk into her neck as his free hand grasped her breast through her clothes. His book was forgotten on the floor.

As they laid in bed, her body sore in all the best places, she nuzzled her head into his chest as he stroked her hair. Their legs were interlocked. They were sweaty and exhausted and happy. She absentmindedly purred, one of the quirks he so loved about her.

“Happy vacation, my Good Girl.”

“Thank you Daddy.”

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