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About Poetic

Hi, I’m Poetic Desires.

I am the 2013 Dark Odyssey Fusion Dirty Pig, as well as the 2013 Rope Camp Hot Ash cigar slutI go to a lot of events, most of which I recap on this blog.

I’m a BDSM presenter, talking about such topics as bootblacking, fisting, cigar play, hair play, and predators in the kink community.

I am an admitted NerdGirl, having now finished medical school and am currently working through my medical residency (thinking doctor’s apprentice with long hours and lots of responsibility).  Hopefully I can be a kink-friendly oasis in the sea of our sometimes troubled medical system.

I’m also an aspiring writer.  A healthy selection of my erotica is featured on this blog.

I’ve been exploring kink since in 2005, though I’ve been highly active in the east coast kink community since 2010.

I was featured on the OWN network’s Our America with Lisa Ling for their episode 50 Shades of Kink.

I am a polyamorous switch and pansexual slut whose kinks include (but are certainly not limited to) rope, impact, leather, and service.

I have a sexy podcast:
Daddy’s Good Girl: my kink adventures retold

And a nerdy podcast:
– Poetic Reads: in appreciation of Hamilton, by reading the Hamiltome.

(Older episodes were on a different topic.)

I’m on Twitter, as well as on FetLife.

I’m kinky and I’m slutty.  I hope you enjoy reading, and listening to, my fantasies and stories about my life.

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