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Untitled —

[Side note: Yes, I could have posted something meaningful and thoughtful today, but I did not have the spoons to do so. Instead, please enjoy this random sexy thought that popped into my brain before bed. I will (maybe) be more thoughtful next time.] ~ erotica ~ She raced home after work, thrust the front […]

Foolishness —

“What’s your name?”“Steven.”“Ugh, another one.” I have a singular talent for sticking my foot in my mouth swiftly and without notice. Steven was intelligent, attractive, and funny as fuck. I met him at a kickback this weekend, just a bunch of Black residents drinking, chatting, and chilling, exactly what I needed in the middle of […]

Intentions —

Alone I am alone. The current state of our world necessitated canceling my vacation plans. I have a week to do as I please, but currently, really, I have nothing big to do. I am broke. The computer I am, right now, typing on took away all of my money until I get my next […]

Friends with Strangers —

~ New Year’s Eve ~ I knew I would be ovulating during the New Year’s holiday which meant I knew I would be horny all the time. I would wake up horny. I would walk around horny. It was just going to be my existence for a few days.  Best friend stayed at my place […]

Best Friend, Not Boyfriend —

~ Thu Dec 30th ~ I don’t want to fuck my best friend.  We have been friends for literally half of our lives. We have each gone through a lot of shit, both together and separately. I value having him in my life. We have this loose maybe promise that if neither of us is […]

Bus Stop Guy —

~ A conversation with myself while driving in the car ~ Who takes the bus on Christmas? Actually, you don’t know if he was waiting for the bus. He could’ve just been sitting on that bench, needing a time out from his family, or his partner. Or just some air. You don’t know why he […]

Crushed —

Subtitle: Poetic is being emo again. I first felt it when she flung her glasses open before putting them on like two weeks ago. It was just something in the dorkiness mixed with snark that was just… Yup, I have a crush again. It’s been such a long time since I’ve had a new crush. […]

What Happened to the F in the Acronym? —

When I first griped his dick, I knew the sex would be good. His dick looked average when he sent me short videos of him jacking off over Instagram. Still, he drove nearly an hour and a half just to come see me. I was going to fuck him, no matter how tired I was […]

Attention —

I want it.  I. Want. It. I’m on three different dating apps swiping right on so many people because I want their time, their dick, and their attention. I will text previous hookups just for their replies and some possible sexy conversation because I like the attention. Each interaction, each picture or message, is a […]

Hey Doc —

My new job is hard. Like dumb hard. Like, you don’t realize how difficult it’s going to be as an intern until you are crying in the bathroom after your shift sobbing, “I will get better at this. I will get better at this.”  And yet, it happened once during my first rotation. At least […]