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I Want —

I want time.                Someone who kisses me, long and slow, makes it seem like we could do this for hours…                because we could. I want control.                A hand in my hair, gripping hard, pulling back my head and then biting my neck. I want comfort.                Hands held at night as we drift to sleep.                Starting […]

Friends —

Sex is not love; but we are really REALLY good at fucking. He laid naked on the bed, hard and waiting, the literal embodiment of my wet dreams.  I was so incredibly wet.  I didn’t masturbate this morning, wanting (if we were to actually fuck) to feel everything.  And I felt everything.  I came at […]

Sneaky —

I was selfish.  I was lonely.  I was horny. I had plenty of justifications and reasons for doing it, even though I know I shouldn’t have. I ran home the last weekend in September. I didn’t tell many people I was coming because I knew I couldn’t see all the people I really wanted to […]

Humanity —

41%.  There is the real possibility, an advertised publicized promise, that a rich white man may reduce my student loan burden by 41%, and this will not even touch the vastness of his wealth. At its core, medicine is about empathy.  As a future physician, my job will be to take care of people.  They […]

Vanity —

I cried, and then I came last night. The pieces of how I view myself keep changing, chipping away.  I don’t know if that is good or bad; it just is. Is it vanity?  Is it identity?  Or is it just life, never stopping for me to catch my breath? I no longer have nipple […]

Anointed —

Dripping.I was dripping wet.The dildo kept slipping out, but the slickness made the repeated thrusts faster, harder, smoother.I moaned into my pillow, and continued to pound the toy into my wanting needy pussy.My moans turned into a growl.I rolled over, got up on my knees, piled up the pillows.I reached from my vibrator, nestled it […]

37 —

It’s my Clerks year.  You either get the reference or you don’t.  And if you don’t, that’s cool.  My brain has way too many random scraps of barely useful information. I’m still here.  And still single.  And still horny. Also, she’s back.  And Green Eyes is still a bitch. Too many of my friends are […]

5.9.2020 Yearning —

Yearning.  I wake up with it, walk around all day with it, live in it, hate it, feed on it, and go to sleep with it lingering on my body and in my mind. I imagine you slipping behind me as I’m sitting on the floor studying.  You sit down, legs astride mine. Chest against […]

The Letter Not Sent —

Dear Brain Twin,             You will never read this.              I’m writing this letter because it is a way for me to get these thoughts and feelings out of my head without ruining our friendship.             I like you.              No, I more than like you.              I’ve more than liked you since the second […]

Three and a Half —

Three and a half.  I found three and a half grey pubic hairs. I am offended. I had previously seen one grey pubic hair before.  Ever time it emerged, I plucked it and tried to forget its existence. Recently, I had not been trimming my pubic hair.  People do random things to amuse themselves while […]