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The Obligatory Apology Entry —

So I could go over the many reasons why I haven’t blogged lately. There was work: three straight days of nine plus hours. There was the travel that bumped right up against a gig. I literally got off work at 11pm, slept for two and a half hours, woke up, packed my car, and hopped […]

Absence —

Well… It has been five days since fresh words have graced the top page of this blog. For that, my dear readers, I apologize. However, if you had happened to check out that handy dandy pages link up there on the tippy top left corner, you would have noted that my cute ass was at […]

Turkey Day Edition of Photo Friday —

Folks, I apologize for my noted absence from this blog. It’s not been on purpose that I’ve lacked in my postings. Instead, it is for this… the many many scarves I’ve been knitting & crocheting for family and friends, in lieu of buying presents this year. Yes, I know it seems as if I’m not […]

Photo Friday Delayed —

Sorry folks, you awesome few who actually read my musings. Photo Friday will have to wait a few days. I seem to have misplaced my memory card reader. Therefore, I have no way to actually post the photos I have taken. But, be brave; I think I know where it is. However, I have to […]