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Flying —

I was nervous to ask the question, but, like many things in my life, I did it anyway. “Hey, you still need a bottom for your afternoon classes?” The first class we attended was Newaza to Fly. It was a large class. The instructors, the DV8 crew, encouraged people to double up on frames. What […]

A Good Friend —

Connection. Appreciation. Care. Love. Watching WykD_Dave & Clover play Sunday night in a small side room of the dungeon was so powerful, so moving, I started crying. Seeing what they had. Remembering what I didn’t. Quickly and quietly, I slipped out of the space, grabbed a tissue from the rest room, and re-entered, taking my […]

Touched —

There were two moments that struck me during Graydancer’s Cabaret. And they just happened to be during back-to-back performances. As DoNotGoGently slowly walked towards the stage, I at first admired the rope work on her body. With lines hanging off her shoulders, as well as by her hips, the intricacy of the rope-as-clothing was beautiful. […]