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On Top —

~ Friday night at The Floating World ~“I don’t know which I like better: sucking your tongue or sucking your cock.” – D3“Good thing you don’t have to choose.” – me“Good answer.” – D3I felt powerful. I was in control. Not only was I the Top, I was the Domme. It was… amazing.I was nervous, […]

Dirty Pig Moments —

It was raining only a little, ever so lightly, as D3 and I setup our space. As we sat, waiting for anyone to sit in our chairs, Chey came over and sat in my seat. She wore shoes and didn’t want them blacked. But she did need them cleaned, having walked through the dirt and […]

Cage Match —

D3 stripped naked, save for his boots. I wore only a black strapless dress, a cute pair of underwear, and my boots. I told D3 how I like it when people take off my clothes. “Mean or nice?”“Whichever.” He stepped in close. We kissed, our arms wrapped around each other. He began punching me. I […]

Nerves —

When I approached the Dungeon, I knew I was arriving a bit early. Since I’d finished my writing with some extra time, I figured I’d just wait for D3’s arrival by the cage. As I grew closer to the entrance, a small crowd meandered outside. Since I knew the people standing about, I greeted folks […]

D3 —

I asked D3 if he wouldn’t mind blacking my boots, seeing as my shift was up in fifteen minutes. He agreed, sitting on the ground as I remained in my chair, setting up his kit as I stashed mine away. He then asked, “Do you need to go anywhere?” “No,” I replied. My commitments for […]

My Bootblacking Shift —

Because of Friday night’s storm, there was some confusion and a handful of things not going as planned at camp. The Pamporium was up and running though, albeit without hot wax, so I made my way over after lunch, a host of much needed calories after my abduction, in hopes of working my bootblacking shifts. […]