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Ironies —

I got the phone call, knew what was going to happen soon.  Knew that there would come a day in my near future where I would live in a world where my father was dead. I put my mug down, my phone down, opened up the door to the Sun Room, closed the door, and […]

Missed —

This Labor Day weekend I spent Friday, Saturday, and the morning of Sunday at FetFest. What I experienced during this event was my heart riped in two. My time spent at camp was colored just as much by the people not there as the people who were. As some folks know, a local rigger passed […]

She Is Lost —

I wanna dance with somebodyI wanna feel the heat with somebodyYeah, I wanna dance with somebodyWith somebody who loves me I often feel weird when a celebrity dies. Because of the nature of our society, it feels like you almost know the person, even though you really don’t. The parts of their lives we see […]

Perspective —

My mother’s best friend’s father died the day before Thanksgiving. Today was his funeral. I didn’t know this man. I had maybe met him once when I was a child, too young to remember the encounter, but I found myself at his signing off all the same. I was there for the family, with whom […]

In Memoriam —

In the suburbs outside where I grew up, there is cemetery that acts as the final resting place for the black middle and upper class.  Surrounded by expensive homes and a few acres of corn, it is an odd sight to come upon.  Every Memorial Day, this home for the dead has a homecoming of […]