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A Punchy Mood —

“Plates or pony tails?”“Pony tails.” The first Friday of the month meant Dirty Things. I prepped in SkinnyBitch’s room and chatted with her, asking for her opinions as I dressed, before leaving out for the party clad in my usual fare, a school girl outfit. Upon arrival, I could tell this would be a low […]

Following The Rule —

“The rule is do what you want.”I parked a block and a half away. He carried my toybag up the stairs to the second level to check in. He paid my admission; I’d forgotten to swing by an ATM. I looked through the throng and saw Diamond was there. I rushed into her arms for […]

Punchy —

“You have to pay the toll.” I happily bopped up the stairs and hugged my friend, TwistedView, who was in town to teach a rope class and enjoy in the merriment that was Dirty Things. He stood a step above me, so my face mussed into his tummy as well pulled each other in tight. […]

On Our Way —

He arrived late. There was traffic. There was rain. I was nervous. He parked in my driveway, leaving room for another car to fit beside him. I gave him a hurried ten cent tour of the house before I grabbed my things and got us into my car. My bag was heavier than normal; I stuffed everything into […]

A While —

Going into tonight’s Dirty Things party, I had three aims. 1- There would need to be much cigar play. 2- I wanted to spend some time with N3rddom and KnownUnknown, who would be traveling from far away to attend the party. And 3- I absolutely wanted to kiss VoodooPrincess again. Thankfully, all three of my […]

Intoxicating —

From my experience at Dirty Things… I sat on the floor, naked, my chest covered in ash. The Girl sat next to me, naked save for garters and stockings. Her Daddy sat in a chair beside us. The Empath barely stood, as far away as she could be in the small ten-by-ten room. I relished […]

Hold On —

From my experience at Dirty Things… He told me to go tie myself up. I scurried off, happy to have the practice, and wanting to try something new. I used my gifted red rope, along with a length of swapped black rope, for my chest harness. I used my gifted raw hemp for the hip […]

Sweet & Gritty —

Have you ever mixed cigar ash with pixie sticks? I have, to wonderful results. Last night fortune smiled on me. Work finished incredibly early, as in 10:30pm, and I was able to make my way to Baltimore, where the Playhouse was hosting the Dirty Things party. I’d packed a toy bag, just in case I […]