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Influence —

You’re the reason why we’re here.I knew, when I participated in the documentary, that it had the potential to reach people. I had hoped it would. I suspected not many people would see it, but I thought if at least some people viewed it, it would be a good start at acceptance from the wider […]

Driving the Lamborghini —

I had a reality check from a friend recently. As some of you may or may not know, I was featured in a documentary. Due to the wackiness that is my current life at times, I still have not seen it, even though it aired over a week ago and has already had a repeat […]

Drop the Apparently —

“So, what does that tell you?” – Doc“That apparently people value my thoughts and opinions more than I do.” – me“Drop the apparently.”  ~ In regards to the PS, we’re going to get a little snooty here. I’ve worked shows before, especially lighting. There’s some good people there. There’s some smart people there. But they are […]