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By Chance —

unsolidly So much of my WinterFire happened by chance. After my scene with CandleLover and PrudeNate, I rushed back to my room to shower. Refreshed and changed, I headed downstairs for next round of class sound checks. I randomly popped in on multiple different presenters who hadn’t actually asked for AV assistance. I was inquiring anyway, […]

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Tradition —

Sunday morning had me continuing a tradition I started with a few of my friends last WinterFire. At 9:30am, after I completed my sound checks for the first class session, I ventured up to the hotel room of PrudeNate & CandleLover. It was time for my Sunday morning fisting. Standing outside their door, I was a […]

The Doctor —

So… My moment journaling in my room took an hour and fifteen minutes. With Jim and Gray fresh on my mind, I had a lot to write about. When I ventured back down to the play spaces, I looked about but could not find Gray or his play date. Instead, I sipped an energy drink […]

Boots —

I started his bootblacking like I had many times before. Lightly lifting his right boot onto my thigh. Cleaning it twice. Scrubbing the catwalk with a toothbrush. Checking for frayed threads to singe down. He, however, decided to not treat me as he had before. He lifted his left boot and placed it on my […]

Warm Up —

We found a spot by the far wall of the dungeon. There was no equipment, but there was enough room for a chair for him to sit on. He grabbed a seat while I ran to my room for my kit. When I returned, he sat there, waiting. In front of him was a yoga […]

Jim —

I wore my boots because I knew he’d like it. I wore my gray and black Delicious dress because it hugged my curves just right, making me feel sexy. I ran to meet him because I was running late. Once again music requirements made my evening’s start hectic. I was to meet Jim at the bootblacking […]

Fear Play —

As people meandered out of Gray’s class, N3rddom took Nomad up to meet him. Gray remarked how he liked her name, noting that he was the NYR Cabin Nomad. With little time left before I had to run off to do more sound stuff, I approached Gray and confirmed our play date for the evening. […]

Worth Staying Up —

I woke up Saturday morning, groggy and tired, but knowing I could not sleep through the first class session. For every class session at WinterFire, there were sound checks and projector requirements. I threw on a pair of black boxer shorts and wore my Zim jacket over my gray pirate t-shirt which I’d slept in. […]

Release —

Even with the experience of having my boots blacked and blacking another’s boots, I was still antsy. I wanted more. I ventured up to my friends’ Black Rage party, named so because the two inhabitants of the room were African American females. Not surprisingly, it was chill and relaxed. But I felt something stir in […]

Playful —

After Jim’s bootblacking, I looked at my phone. It wasn’t quite time for my next play date; I was to black MrBlackBeard’s boots. I ventured up to a cocktail hour for Amethyst’s birthday. There I found DeepEnd and SkinnyBitch relaxing with our friends. I sipped on my Sparx and eased into socializing with my folk. […]