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Break —

The first official day of WinterFire was long and hard for me. I was on staff, had help with setup the day before, and stayed up late into the night as Rhythm Section (the name we affectionately gave ourselves as the A/V Music folk) organized our sound requirements for the event. As Friday night closed […]

Fact —

While lounging on his couch…“You are pretty because… Too slow.” – Gent“I didn’t realize it was a question.” – me“Yeah, I like to throw in questions randomly. Why are you pretty?”“I am pretty because it is a fact.” While fucking on his bed…“I really appreciate you allowing me inside of you.”- Gent“God, I love fucking […]

Hugs —

In conversation recently, I’ve heard about a study that showed Americans are not touched enough. As a person who is in fact a “hugger”, I tend to believe this. Often we all need our personal space. I wouldn’t want an unwanted individual breaking the minimum eighteen inches around me that I view as “my air”. […]