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1.8.17 Drunk Blogging —

I haven’t done this in a while. Yes, I am actually drunk. I killed a bottle of Moscato while watching the Golden Globes (#SoulGlobes #HiddenFences) and then Brooklyn 9-9 on Hulu. Brooklyn 9-9 is fucking hilarious and low key diverse. Also Rosa is hot. And Terry Crews is a walking wet dream. Casey Affleck is […]

Drunk Blogging —

[FYI: I’m writing this while tipsy.  My apologies for any spelling or grammatical errors.  Yes, even when I’m tipsy, I worry about these things.] I was going to name this blog ‘Size Queen’ but since I’m tipsy, I wanted to keep up with the drunk blogging tradition.  I publish about one or two of these […]

Drunk Blogging —

My roommate DeepEnd makes the BEST Long Island Ice Teas. Haven’t done this in a while. Blogging while I’m drunk. But I didn’t want to go to bed without blogging, cause if I wait til tomorrow morning, I’ll either blog or run on the treadnill, but not both cause then I’d have to wake up […]