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Little One —

~ erotica ~She rode his face, her hips rising and falling with the bend of her knees. His hands gripped her thighs, holding her pussy to his lips, as he enjoyed every last bit of her. She reclined her head back, body rolling, as his tongue moved just the way she liked. I had the […]

Submit —

~ erotica ~ “You must conquer me.” It was what he had heard before. The first had said it to him. She had spoken her truth on her knees in front of him their first night together. “I want you to take me. To over power me. Break my will. Make me bend to you. […]

Cuddles —

Text me, don’t knock.I took my things upstairs. Dumped my kit just inside the door. Then walked across the hotel. Made my way up to the suite.  Here.A few breaths later, the door opened. The room was dark. I stepped inside. Saw shoes by the front. Thought, to be polite, I should take off my […]

Three Ashes —

The 1st“Poetic, would you like some ash?” She looked over at me, huge smile on her face, a two inch head standing vertical on her cigar. “Oh God, yes,” I said, my submissive voice squeaking out. “I’ve cried each time ash was flicked into the tray.” On my hands and knees, I crawled towards her. […]

Crotch Rope —

~ erotica ~ My clit throbbed. I hadn’t cum yet. The rope had only been on me for a few minutes. He’d taken out the coil, my rope, and knelt in front of me. I’d let my hands laze in his hair as he worked. Wrapped once around my hips. Once under my ass. Knotted. […]

Zipper —

~ erotica ~ His face was blank, cold. He worked quietly, except for the muted snap. He held the ribbon with one hand and lined up the medical staple gun with the other, making sure his aim was just so. He was creating art, cruel art, for his enjoyment. This went on for what seemed […]

Salivate —

~ erotica ~ He had a curious grin on his face. “Why are you smiling?”“Because it’s you. It’s actually you.”“You did read the model release form, correct?”“Yeah.”“And my name was on the letterhead.”“Yeah, but. You don’t think you’ll actually meet the head of the company on your first audition.” Another one, fresh from the farm, looking […]

Penetrated —

~ erotica ~ “Turn your ass towards the camera.” She did as she was told. “Spread your cheeks. Wider. I want to see your asshole before I fill it.” She didn’t like this angle. She wanted to see her Master, glimpse his face on the screen as he ordered her around. Still, she always did […]

Orals —

~ erotica ~ “How was your test?”“Brutal.” “I thought college was suppose to be about learning. This shit feels more like torture.”“Indeed.” ~ “When examining the works of. Of. Copley. When examining his portraits. On the whole. One sees. Oh God.”“This is not religion class, Ms. Lane. And though Copley’s work is magnificent, I do not […]

Instruction —

~ a story ~ It was a simple request. I was known for my cigar service, my love and care in the role. The time I’d taken to learn about the act, as well as multiple types of cigars and the accoutrement surrounding the ritual. The Top was respected in our community, though I had […]