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CCon Fantasy —

~ erotica ~ The beginnings of this story happened while I was in bed at CatalystCon, awake Sunday morning, even though I didn’t want to be, horny beyond reprieve, trying to find a way to calm my passion filled body and mind. Enjoy…~ He hovered behind me, the heat of his body increasing the wetness […]

Winning —

“Your blogs have been pretty intense lately.”Yeah, about that… I realize as of late that my entries have been heavy. Life, contemplating my place in this world, how I got here and where I’m going, heavy. And I realize that is not what one would instantly expect from this blog. Don’t get me wrong, and […]

What Do You Want —

~ erotica ~ So many people. So many things happening. Equipment like I’d never seen before. Outfits, costumes, shoes, and boots that looked so glamorous yet so terrifying. Naked people flitting about. Fucking any and everywhere in whatever manner you could imagine. And the things they used. The screams and wails coming from people’s lips. […]

Yours —

~ erotica ~ Just so that you know, because I think you forget this: I always, at any given moment, want you to fuck me. Whether it’s in my mouth, all over my face, between my breasts, sliding over my clit, or pounding my pussy just right, I always want your cock inside me. Any […]

May I —

~ erotica ~ “May I?” He gave a small head nod in consent. I practically jumped up from my seat and scurried towards him, descending down to the floor, resting on my knees by his feet. His boots were tall stiff leather that, over time, had come to meld closer to the shape of his […]

Good Boy —

~ erotica ~ Everyone was on the floor. He sat cross-legged in front of me. My crotch nuzzled up to his tight little ass, my legs laying lazily on the carpeted ground. My chin rested on his shoulder. We watched the small intimate show, cheering on our friend who was dancing. But I wanted a […]

An Excerpt —

~ erotica ~[Note: The following is an excerpt from my NaNoWriMo project.  Enjoy…] I knelt on the ground, my head bent down, naked, waiting. He told me to wait. Told me he would be back. But when he’d be back I did not know. The chain around my neck, and it’s lock by the top […]

Three Notes On My Poly Adventure —

I guess this is going to be an ongoing random series, me talking about my poly life (or lack there of). 1) Pedestrian Polyamory So I now am listening to yet another polyamory podcast. This one came as recommendation from a friend and I am loving it. The podcast is called Pedestrian Polyamory. Our hosts […]

The Cowboy (1 of 4) —

~ erotica ~He dragged her behind him, her wrists bound, his sweaty bandanna covering her eyes. She stumbled over the uneven ground but always kept herself upright as he hurriedly led her to his favorite spot. Stopping, he shoved her down to the ground, her knees landing on the wet earth, straw and mud now […]

The Cowboy (2 of 4) —

~ erotica ~The cowboy ran the cigar in and out of her pussy, fucking her with his tobacco. Even with the scratches from the wood. Even with the fear of the moment. Still, she could not help but notice the feel of the tickle of her nipples with his gyrations. She could not help the […]