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Skin —

cheapest place to buy accutane online ~ erotica ~   I never see him with his shirt on. His chest is sculpted in the way that begs to be caressed, kissed, and licked. He picks up his packages, takes out his trash, and goes for runs only in his pants and sneakers. I never mind the view as I’m checking my […]

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Monday Evening Fun —

~ erotica ~ “Hi.” He’d just gotten home from work, his three piece suite wrinkled from his long day. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me.  The short skirt of my strapless dress barely covered my ass.  My heels accentuated my rump even more so. I leaned up against the wall, glancing […]

Her & Him —

~ erotica ~ HER: I saw him from across the room. HIM: I tried to not notice her gaze. HER: I’d seen him play before. HIM: I’d noticed her presence a few times. HER: The women were always beautiful, always the most beautiful in the room. HIM: I tried not to look at her.  She […]

Dark Secret Love – A Review —

“This is so awesome and so horrible because it is exactly what I want.” I sat in my car, tears threatening my eyes.  I’d started the book the day before, found myself captured by the world Alison Tyler had created. My driveway moment happened because of one sentence. The journey in kink of the main […]

Dark Love —

~ erotica ~   “Are you ready?” The room was loud, crowded.  People milled about taking in the various scenes in progress. We didn’t often venture out to parties.  Most of our scenes took place at his home in the basement.  His roommates didn’t mind so long as he let them know ahead of time.  […]

Trust —

~ erotica ~   “So, you like fear play.” His hand held my hair, pulling my head back towards him.  His lips grazed my ear.  I felt the heat of his breath as he spoke.  One of my hands had found his leg; the other, fingers splayed open, hung at my side.  He held his […]

Remembering You —

~ erotica ~ My thoughts turn to you in the most mundane of moments. Rising from the sofa, arms extended, stretching my muscles.  My shirt lifts, air kissing my stomach, and I feel your hands on my sides.  Your lips on my belly button.  Your grip pulling my flesh closer to you. Driving on the […]

Remember Me —

~ erotica ~   [TRIGGER WARNING: This is a rape fantasy.]   It was late, the deep dark that normally scared me.  But I was surrounded by sleeping kinksters, and I was at camp, at home.  I strolled down the path towards my cabin, a small smile on my face, happy to be back amongst my […]

Little One —

~ erotica ~She rode his face, her hips rising and falling with the bend of her knees. His hands gripped her thighs, holding her pussy to his lips, as he enjoyed every last bit of her. She reclined her head back, body rolling, as his tongue moved just the way she liked. I had the […]

Submit —

~ erotica ~ “You must conquer me.” It was what he had heard before. The first had said it to him. She had spoken her truth on her knees in front of him their first night together. “I want you to take me. To over power me. Break my will. Make me bend to you. […]