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Matt —

~ erotica ~“Hello Matt.” “Hello Whit.” I know my type. I get it. Tall. Leadership position. In control. I get it. But there is something about Matt. Something in his manner. Something in the way he bosses us all around that gets me off. We’ve never done anything, of course. I like my job and […]

Small World —

~ erotica ~Small world.Is it him? Is it really him? I see the picture. The tiny image on my screen. The arms. The abs. The smile. Yes. Oh god, yes. It’s him. “Holy shit,” I say to no one in particular. There he is. Of all the people on this site. Of all the possible […]

Midnight Snack —

~ erotica ~A hand over my mouth startled me awake. My eyes shot open. My shriek came out as a mumble into a hand. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust. To recognize Dirk as the body that rested over mine. When he saw the realization, he eased up his hand. “What are […]

Crotch Rope —

~ erotica ~ My clit throbbed. I hadn’t cum yet. The rope had only been on me for a few minutes. He’d taken out the coil, my rope, and knelt in front of me. I’d let my hands laze in his hair as he worked. Wrapped once around my hips. Once under my ass. Knotted. […]

Zipper —

~ erotica ~ His face was blank, cold. He worked quietly, except for the muted snap. He held the ribbon with one hand and lined up the medical staple gun with the other, making sure his aim was just so. He was creating art, cruel art, for his enjoyment. This went on for what seemed […]

Xavier —

~ erotica ~ “What are you looking for tonight?” He sat in seiza, black kimono and matching pants perfectly pressed, arranged just so. His face was plain. “Something different.” “I have rope. You have your body. From there where would you like to go?” “Hmm…” You could always find him in the same spot every […]

Salivate —

~ erotica ~ He had a curious grin on his face. “Why are you smiling?”“Because it’s you. It’s actually you.”“You did read the model release form, correct?”“Yeah.”“And my name was on the letterhead.”“Yeah, but. You don’t think you’ll actually meet the head of the company on your first audition.” Another one, fresh from the farm, looking […]

Quarrelsome —

~ erotica ~ Our best fucks always happened after fights. We’d start off screaming about something in the living room and soon find ourselves naked in the bedroom, though often we didn’t get that far. Occasionally we’d begin ripping each others clothes off while still in the middle of the argument. Those were fun. Aggression […]

Penetrated —

~ erotica ~ “Turn your ass towards the camera.” She did as she was told. “Spread your cheeks. Wider. I want to see your asshole before I fill it.” She didn’t like this angle. She wanted to see her Master, glimpse his face on the screen as he ordered her around. Still, she always did […]

Orals —

~ erotica ~ “How was your test?”“Brutal.” “I thought college was suppose to be about learning. This shit feels more like torture.”“Indeed.” ~ “When examining the works of. Of. Copley. When examining his portraits. On the whole. One sees. Oh God.”“This is not religion class, Ms. Lane. And though Copley’s work is magnificent, I do not […]