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DGG #20 Self Care —

The reason for my long absence and how I’ve gotten through a rather difficult time in my life, with some orgasms and adventures thrown in.   Time Jumps (with fun links included) 1:07 Why I’ve been gone 4:46 the myth of the uber kinkster & uber poly girl 6:22 hook pulls 8:13 soothing activities 8:44 […]

With Breakfast —

“I’ve only seen this shit in porn.” – AVI woke up Sunday morning knowing I had to pack, so of course I didn’t want to get up. But I did anyway. I folded my clothes, stripped my bed, and tucked everything away. With my bags piled up by the cabin door, I slipped on a […]

Enemy Of Love —

They asked us to give voice to our enemy. Name it. What kept us all from love? Symbolized by a wood carving pulled around the fire, people confronted their enemy. They gave it a name. They shouted, screamed, cursed at it. I stood on the edge of the circle, barely able to contain myself. I […]

Also Missed —

“I’m leaving.”“When?”“Like, right now.” He was pissed. He was really pissed. He stood up and started punching my chest. For a moment I wondered if my missed playdate with TwistedView would happen right there. As I back peddled, somehow Murphy added into the mix, suggesting he could punch my back while TwistedView attacked my front. […]

Missed —

This Labor Day weekend I spent Friday, Saturday, and the morning of Sunday at FetFest. What I experienced during this event was my heart riped in two. My time spent at camp was colored just as much by the people not there as the people who were. As some folks know, a local rigger passed […]

The Horny Butterfly —

~ a kinky fairy tale ~ In the shade of a pop up tent, just outside her cabin, laid a beautiful naked girl. Spread out on a purple and black rug, she lounged, enjoying the warm air and slight breeze. As she lazed, relaxing in her non-clothes-wearing-ness, only one thing was amiss. What she wanted, […]

Blind Spots —

FetFest memory Every person, no matter how hot or sexy they are, has a blind spot. For me, it’s women. I get incredibly nervous trying to flirt or be around women who I find incredibly attractive. Women are complicated. They have all these emotions. You never know what’s going on in their head. They, sometimes, […]

My NeverEnding Bag —

FetFest memory… On Saturday I attended Lochai’s Bondage For Sex class. For some special/odd reason, my Hello Kitty bag seemed to solve every issue that came up during his presentation. When I first arrived, I sat in the Barn on a bench and grumbled to myself, “Dammit, when did I get so fucking popular?” I had […]

Sideways —

It wasn’t that we didn’t love the scene that was going to happen, but in the moment, it was that we both needed it. Both Murphy and I were exhausted. We’d barely gotten any sleep between the Bomb-iversary and leaving for FetFest. While Dov had passed out in my back seat during the ride, Murphy […]

Bomb-iversary —

My FetFest started Thursday evening. It was the first time I’d driven to New York. GoogleMaps said it would take me about five hours, so I sped. With my newly acquired Easy Pass, the first few states breezed by. And then I hit the New Jersey Turnpike… After that particular torture, I took a tunnel […]