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While I Was Away… —

…I turned 26 yesterday! Yeah me, now a year older, but feeling just the same. My birthday was quite relaxing. I accomplished nothing of great importance, which is how I like it. My SO and I didn’t wake up to an alarm. I watched crappy television while my SO slept in (damn you circadian rhythm). […]

Sometimes I’m Sad —

I suppose anyone can write this post. I suppose someone else has already written this post. Today, I woke up sad, and it hasn’t changed much as the day has progressed. I’m all alone in my office with repetitive, mind numbing work to do. Don’t get me wrong; I am VERY thankful for my job. […]

My Tick —

Ever since high school, the first time a major family member died, and I was old enough to be aware of it, I’ve developed a sort of “tick”. Each time my mother leaves me a phone message, and her voice is not happy-go-lucky, I assume someone has died, and brace myself for who it will […]

Disconnect —

For the past year our country’s economy has slowly spiraled downward. The effects are everywhere and the impact has been felt by many, just not me. As 2007 ended and 2008 began, my cousin Ella was diagnosed with cancer. That wasn’t a good day. I remember sitting in the exam room with Ella and my […]

Surprise (part 2) —

On a Friday afternoon, towards the end of August, I received a phone message from a woman who worked at my cousin’s employer’s Death Benefits department. In her message, she said she needed to speak to me, and could I call her back by 5pm. Unfortunately, I was working, and was unable to reach her […]

Surprise (part 1) —

The intricacies of putting a loved one to rest are, at times, overwhelming . One specific instance for me, though, was enraging. I recently received a phone call from the cemetary, where my cousin’s body now lays, regarding payment for the plot. This was a shock to me considering 1) the payment for the plot […]

Grieving —

Recently one of the most important persons in my life died. The circumstances around her passing were not quick or easy. The aftermath has been just as bad. Family squabbling made the process of putting her to rest almost unbearable. Now, I am left with a place in my heart that never stops hurting. I’m […]