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Good Session —

get cytotec without prescription “I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but you really are clever. You do these really good things, but then you always find a way to put yourself down… How about you instead use your cleverness to find humor in how your brain twists the good you’ve done.” – DocThis past Tuesday […]

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Broken —

I feel broken. Chewed up and spit out. Chewed up and shat out. It’s 2:17am when I started typing, technically my birthday. Not the best way to start. “No, my brains and my bones don’t want to take this anymore…/So, why you being a dickhead for?/Stop being a dickhead./Why you being a dickhead for?/You just […]

Drunk Blogging —

My roommate DeepEnd makes the BEST Long Island Ice Teas. Haven’t done this in a while. Blogging while I’m drunk. But I didn’t want to go to bed without blogging, cause if I wait til tomorrow morning, I’ll either blog or run on the treadnill, but not both cause then I’d have to wake up […]

Uncensored —

Save for brushing against each other while in passing, we didn’t touch for hours. He did this on purpose. “I haven’t decided if I’m going to fuck you tonight.” It was the first time I’d seen him since right after my spring break. The first time I’d seen him since he told me he had […]

Following The Rule —

“The rule is do what you want.”I parked a block and a half away. He carried my toybag up the stairs to the second level to check in. He paid my admission; I’d forgotten to swing by an ATM. I looked through the throng and saw Diamond was there. I rushed into her arms for […]

On Our Way —

He arrived late. There was traffic. There was rain. I was nervous. He parked in my driveway, leaving room for another car to fit beside him. I gave him a hurried ten cent tour of the house before I grabbed my things and got us into my car. My bag was heavier than normal; I stuffed everything into […]

Fact —

While lounging on his couch…“You are pretty because… Too slow.” – Gent“I didn’t realize it was a question.” – me“Yeah, I like to throw in questions randomly. Why are you pretty?”“I am pretty because it is a fact.” While fucking on his bed…“I really appreciate you allowing me inside of you.”- Gent“God, I love fucking […]

We’re Not Done —

“You should come over.” – Gent“Ok, when?” – me“Now.” Recently the Gent and I fucked, so I guess the game is over. If I were to assign the title of victor to someone, I would award it to my pussy, seeing as during the night in question it was fingered, fisted, and fucked. He invited […]

Playing the Game —

We stood under the lights in a back alley, talking. Once again, I was in my dress blacks. Once again, we played pool and drank. This time he won, 3-2. The encounter did not last our normal length; he had to go to work early tomorrow morning, and technically I was still on the clock. […]

Distraction —

I knew I only had a 50-50 shot of seeing the Gent. I knew I didn’t want to wait around at home only to be let down by his inability to have me over. I knew I needed a distraction. I ventured out to a kinky happy hour tonight. I dressed cuter than normal, just […]