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GKE Quotes —

“You know you’re dealing with a fisting slut when she brings her own gloves and lube.” – Jefferson, when I randomly demo-bottomed for his G & P Spots class “Nice ass?”- SkinnyBitch“That’s his way of saying Hello.”- Me, explaining my Big Bro “Sadist is in my name.”- Pyro, during his installation of my Easy Button […]

Easy Button —

Some kinky handles are awesome names. Some are boring names. Some make no sense. The great ones, though, describe the person quite well. Have you met PyroSadist? Well, I have. I officially met him at Summer Camp this year, though I’d known of him for a year. At camp, we loosely made plans to play, […]

Therapeutic Rope —

GKE: The Geeky Kink Event I am sure there will be many a blog, FetLife post, Tweet, and multitudes of other writings about this past weekend. Instead of being one of those who talks about what went right and what went wrong, instead I’ll just speak on a few of my experiences there. The first […]

Pushing Through —

I am a writer. I have been a writer since I was eight years old, scribbling poems in a pink papered notebook. (I don’t know why the paper was pink; it was a gift. Anyway…) I’ve always written stories, spun tales, though not always have I set them down on paper. There have been times […]