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Snuggles and Romance —

Fucking Gray is so much fun. I never expect sex with him, even though it is a part of our dynamic, and, when we have it, the act is consistently amazing. I find that entering any scenario with little expectation yields the best possible results. And thus I’ve translated this mindset to the vast majority […]

Grue-p Dynamics —

Ok, looks like we will have room for you. πŸ™‚It felt like an enclave. No, a kinky commune. No, a kinky family reunion. We woke up together. Got ready at the same time. Drank our respective morning drinks. Shoveled loads of food and supplies into cars. Carpooled to our destination. Worked together to make the […]

AtoZ —

You knew I was going to do this, right?Sometimes I just do things for people. Buy them a drink. Take care of the check for a meal. Crochet them something. It’s a part of my personality that I like to do for others, especially if I care about you. During the month of April, an […]

Yearn —

Attention and affection; two simple concepts, yet it has taken me time and thoughtful introspection to realize they are the two major necessities I need in a relationship. I want a partner who will spend time with me. Not around me, but with me. I need simple attention: a meal where we bitch about our […]

Wavelength —

“Your brain is unlike any I’ve seen before.” I laid on a table in the middle of a study, head tied down so I would not move. TwistedView loomed over me as Neuromancer sat by his computer, watching as the data came in. An EEG helmet rested against my skin, multiple points touching through my […]

Until… —

My head throbbed. Pain pulsed from the base of my neck up into my brain, out through my eyes, around my forehead, and at my temples. It was a migraine, the first I’d had in years, and only the third in my life. “I’m feeling nauseous” turned into “You need to drive” in a matter […]

Go See Killing Them Softly —

It’s official: Gray picks all the movies. Killing Them Softly was another aftercare flick, which we saw on the Sunday of the London Grue. After Grue-cakes, extra poi practice, and more leather fun. After hugs, and thank yous, and goodbyes. After the Grue was officially over, Gray, Hedwig, and I ventured back to Hedwig’s place […]

Postcards —

“Why are you sending me a postcard?”“Because I can.”It was my last moments in London. That morning, my last morning in London, we’d fucked like it was the last time for a long time, because we both knew it would be the last time for a long time. But now, a few hours later, we […]

Locked In —

We could’ve kept going pretty easily. I’d just completed Gray’s boots and still had his chaps and vest to work on. But it was getting late and Gray didn’t want to keep others up just so we could have fun. The two people who had watched our scene were also ready to go. As Gray […]