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Biting —

Teeth are not sexy.  Yes, white straight teeth can make a person seem more appealing, maybe a bit more attractive, but teeth themselves are just a part, not a feature. However, when a fuck buddy snuck up from behind once and whispered into my ear as a greeting, “I gonna bite your cunt,” before they […]

Tickling —

Senior year of high school I was cast as The Nurse at a local all boys high school’s production of Romeo and Juliet.  Towards the end of the run, there were a few cast parties.  I remember one in particular. This party I wore a warm sweater over a low cut shirt.  I wore the […]

Voyeur —

I’ve always liked to watch. When I first stepped out into the kink scene, I loomed on the edge of a bar taking in the sights: the people, the outfits, the pairings, the play.  Especially the play. And now, some eight years later, I still take pleasure in watching. Once, when I arrived at an […]