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Because I Cannot Say It Better —

Melissa Harris-Lacewell’s essay titled Celebrating the Full Narrative of America. In it, she speaks about the conflicting views of African Americans concerning Independence Day. And yes, I got the link to the Frederick Douglass speech from her Twitter. [Twitter is the new black.] She teaches at Princeton and is totally awesome.

Four More Forgotten Founding Fathers —

From the fine folks at MentalFloss.com, an article about four of the 56 (yes, there were 56) signers of the Declaration of Independence. Article found here. Enjoy.

4th of July Required Reading —

Frederick Douglass Speech July 5, 1852: What to the Slave is the Fourth of July? Okay, so this is long and dense, but worth the read. I, being a dork and alone in the office, read it out loud. With each word, you can feel his passion and conviction. It’s pretty amazing, and, unfortunately, sad […]


Found this page through Twitter. [Aside: I don’t know how I used to get through the day without Twitter.] Best caption ever shown below. Literally laughed until my posterior was no more. Ana Marie Cox (I’m assuming she said this cause I don’t know who Jason Linkins is): Joe Biden, as always, reminding Hillary that […]

Expanding On My Dorkitude —

So I mentioned yesterday that I submitted my latest blog about my health insurance struggles as a commentary to Marketplace. According to the website, I should not expect a response for at least 3 to 4 weeks. Happiness in submitting my work slightly dulled by the denied gratification of learning whether it is good enough. […]

A Snap Shot Regarding Health Reform —

Currently in Washington, elected officials, lobbyists, and advisers are debating over health reform. One major point of contention, a public option, is what I wish to discuss in this post. Along with a more-than-super majority of the American people, I want the option of purchasing public health insurance for one simple reason: I was rejected […]

Sweet Sweet Revenge —

Grumpy conservatives, increasingly impatient homosexuals, Iranian leaders, and any other entity that wants sweet sweet revenge on the Obama White House: Warm Up Your Arm.

Child’s Strip Search Found Illegal By High Court —

In a case that sparked my personal fury and much controversy concerning how far administrators can go in their hunt to remove “the scourge of drugs” from their schools, the high court found (rightly) that the accusation of one student that another has prescription drugs does not give school officials the right to strip search […]

Another One!?! —

Okay, so by now everyone has heard about where South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford has been since he went missing last Thursday. If not, here’s a link to the full story for those not in the know. In a week, there was speculation that he was away writing or away hiking, missing out on Father’s […]

I’d Vote For This —

Barney Frank Introduces Marijuana Bill He wants to remove criminal penalties for possession less than 100 grams and only a $100 fine for public use of the substance. To me, being a clear minded liberal who sees that almost half of drug related arrests and imprisonments are due to pot, I see this as fair, […]