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Boymeat —

“I was disappointed I missed your class. I was demo bottoming for another presentation at the same time. So, if you don’t mind me picking your brain, how did you get over piss play?” “I’ve liked piss since I was a kid. The class was about piss play and different ways to use piss.” “Oh, […]

Vignettes —

When I dropped off Gray at his cabin, off loaded his things, and made sure he was good, I stepped up to hug him. I kissed his cheek. He turned his face into my kiss. He wanted more than a peck. His lips met mine. We kissed. And kissed. And kissed. I stood up on […]

Kidnapped —

~ erotica ~{Trigger Warning: This is a rape fantasy.} I carried my backpack over my shoulder, beleaguered from my long day and night’s work. Though there were few contents, it still felt heavy, weighing me down as I tried to walk home. I knew this path, this way I took every day or night. My […]

Baby Bootblack —

I had more than my fair share of memorable moments and lesseons learned from this past Winter Fire, but one in particular has stuck with me: I will always schedule myself for the last bootblacking shift of an event. The last two hours of my chair time at DO:WF were hectic, and challenging, and I […]

An Excerpt —

~ erotica ~[Note: The following is an excerpt from my NaNoWriMo project.  Enjoy…] I knelt on the ground, my head bent down, naked, waiting. He told me to wait. Told me he would be back. But when he’d be back I did not know. The chain around my neck, and it’s lock by the top […]

Busy Day —

With the sacrifice of my Saturday a given, an unintended consequence arose. All of sudden I only had one day left at camp. One day to go to class. One day to play. One day to make everything happen. When I woke up Sunday morning, I already had a tight schedule. One class, four play […]

Teeth —

I looked at him, smiled, and asked a simple question. “May I smell your jacket?” He returned my grin and stepped into my personal space. As my feet dangled from the short stage, I felt lost in the wondrous aroma. “I got this in Florence.” Real Italian leather, soft and supple leather. I rested my […]

Leather, Sex, and Cars —

~ a dream ~My eyes opened slowly, the fog of sleep clinging to me like a wet blanket. Had someone come in? I wasn’t sure. When my eyes did more than peek open, the first thing I saw was black. It was a matte black, and I noticed at once that it was leather. My lids […]

Another One —

~ Sunday afternoon at The Floating World ~I first noticed him during a class. He sat a few rows behind me. I happened to turn around and glance towards him. I first saw his boots. And then, slowly, up trailed my eyes, taking in the head-to-toe leather. Finally I saw the soft smile on his […]

A Boot Scene —

He stood beside me for a moment before his turn. He asked for a light for his cigar, which I gratefully gave. Sitting down in my chair, the din of the event fell away. I picked up his boot and placed it on my thigh. I unlaced his leather and began working. I was still […]